Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Birthday CHRISTINE!!!!!

Just want to wish my sister Chris a Happy Birthday! I know it's a little late in the day to wish her a Happy birthday but I have tried all day to try to figure out how I could get her password from her or her kids without being obvious so I could post a Happy Birthday on her blog. She has been able to get into all of our blogs to post a birthday wish to us but apparently I'm not that brilliant. Anyhow Happy Birthday Chris thanks for always being such a great sister and always being a good example to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I think it's {haha ~ I know your pass word and I took out that number you put there~Chris!!} or something to old to mention right (j/k). Love you tons.


Stephanie said...

Only you guys call me CHRISTINE!! Thanks for the post I love you! And so glad I know your password so I could take out that number you put there! I can't believe I'm that old!! AGHHHH!

The Russells said...

That last coment was from me...I was still signed in as you ~ DUH! Love ya!